Feature Article: Our New Treasury Offices: Piloting Design and Technology to Support Hybrid Work across the VPFO

After years of hard work and planning by the Treasury team and UBC Facilities’ Infrastructure Development team, Treasury’s existing office space in the Old Administration Building has been renovated to become the home base for the entire Treasury team, starting July 20, 2022. 

This project began in mid-2019 as part of an effort to improve collaboration and communication across the Treasury team, which was spread across three campus locations.  

When the team expressed their desire to work remotely in the 2019 UBC Workplace Preference Survey (WES), a unique opportunity formed to reimagine how Treasury could work together as a team, how an office space at UBC could look like, and how to best adopt hotdesking and other technologies to enable flexibility and collaboration.   

Read the full article on the UBC Finance website.

I also coordinated the photo shoot for the newly renovated office. Take a look!