• publication redesign: Julie & Julia 
  • cover and interior design
  • coffee table book: 8 x 10 inches, printed on glossy paper
  • classy and elegant, with a modern twist

This is a reconceptualization of the novel Julie and Julia that I created for a publishing design course. The novel is about the embarkment of Julie, an aspiring writer, on a daring project to cook the 534 recipes written by renowned chef Julia Child in 365 days.

My goal was to design a book that is classy and elegant with a modern twist, which is completely different from the mass-market film adaptation paperback that we see in the bookstore. Since the readers of the book are mostly women with an interest in food and cooking, I decided to transform it into a fancy coffee table book in the size of 8 x10 inches, almost like a cookbook so readers will be able to lay it open on the counter.

To create a feeling of elegance and sophistication, I used a generous amount of white space, in combination with high-quality photographs. I also used light pastel colors throughout my design, as they complement each other and create a sense of softness, elegance and femininity, which align with my target audience. In terms of typography, I mixed serifs and sans serifs for a classic meets modern vibe. For display texts, I used Didot and Nexa, a geometric san serif.

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  1. MikeT says:

    great job. keep up with it.


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